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‘Rules Out For Summer’ in Worthing

The Worthing group met yesterday for our first get together outside and although the sun disappeared behind the clouds and a threat of rain, spirits were definitely not dampened.

The theme this time was ‘no rules’ and in rebellious mood.  Bakers provided us all with an array of savoury and sweet, including two quiches. One with goats cheese and onion and one with ham and cheese. Two types of sausage rolls, chocolate and jam Duffins, jam sandwich shortbread and strawberry shortcakes. A baked cheesecake made a presence as well as new potato, cheese and red onion pie, chocolate brownies, red pepper and goats cheese muffins, and lemon surprise cup cakes.

All in all a great afternoon sitting in a hidden park eating home-baked goodies and chatting. What else do you need eh?

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