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How to stack a two tier cake.

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Claire Fitzsimons Tiered cake

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How to stack a two tiered cake

Follow these simple steps to create a two tier round stacked cake. Any shaped cake can be stacked, and more tiers can be added. Just remember that each tier should be at least 5cm (2”) smaller than the cake below it.


Round sugarpasted cake: 15cm (6”)

Round sugarpasted cake: 23cm (9”)

Royal Icing



Round cake drum: 30.5cm (12”)

2 Round cake hardboards: 4mm x 15cm (6”)

Scriber (optional)

Dowel rods: 4

Small sharp knife

Ribbon (optional)

  1. Begin by icing the top cake. Place a small amount of royal icing on the 15cm (6”) hardboard and place the 15cm (6”) cake on top. Sugarpaste over the cake and board, so that the board is no longer visible. Set aside to harden. This will prevent any finger marks in the icing when you later lift it on top of the larger cake below.
  2. Place the 23cm (9”) cake on to the cake drum. I always secure my cake to the board with a little buttercream or Royal icing before covering. Cover the cake with sugarpaste in the usual way.
  3. Take the spare cardboard cake circle and place it in the middle of the cake, making a slight impression. You make also want to mark this edge with the scriber. This will help guide you to where the top cake should be placed as well as showing the area where the dowels will go.
  4. Take one of the dowels and push it into the cake within the marked circle where the top cake will sit.
  5. Mark on the dowel with a pen where the dowel reaches the top of the cake. Pull the dowel out and cut where you made the mark using a sharp knife. The dowel can also be scored all the way around and then snapped.
  6. Cut the remaining dowels to the same length using the first rod as a guide. Then push the four dowels, cut side up, into the cake. Space them evenly within the marked circle.
  7. Smooth a little Royal icing over the dowel tops and within the marked circle.
  8. Place the small cake on top using the marked circle as a guide.
  9. Decorate the base of the small cake with a ribbon or pipe with Royal icing to hide where the two cakes join.
  10. Now the rest of the cake is ready to decorate!

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