Terms and Conditions

Need and nice to know.

Cake Talk is a good place for cakey conversations and with it come a few rules. Cake Talk is not a pre-moderated Forum. I rely on our members to let us know about any posts that break the Guidelines.

My policy is to let the conversation flow and keep intervention to a minimum. Discretion will be used when it comes to deleting posts/unsavoury comments or Topics and if needed ban posting members from the CCC website. My aim is to keep CCC a friendly place to visit and be part of.

    • No spamming
    • No self promotion of your business/ enterprise/cause or charity. Any such comments may be deleted. If you want to advertise please get in touch
    • No personal attacks
    • No posts that break the law
    • No misleading or deliberately inflammatory behaviour
    • No Trolling or trollhunting

Any of the above can be reported to info@clandestinecakeclub.co.uk


Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend these events, subject to available places, but you do so at your own risk. All the cakes are made by members in their own home. Some cakes/baking may contain nuts and/or other Allergens.

For Health and Safety reasons all cakes must be fully cooked, please do not bring any cakes that contain uncooked batter.

The Clandestine Cake Club cannot be held responsible for the conditions of anyone’s kitchen, yet I am very confident the baking will be done under good hygiene conditions.


      • Any recipe uploaded by members on to the CCC website, have not been tested by CCC. We therefore suggest you contact the member if you have any questions.
      • Any recipes uploaded to this website have to be originally created by you and not copied from anywhere else. If it’s family/friend’s/blogger’s recipe get permission before you upload it. We don’t want Granny knocking on our door claiming you have given the family secret recipe away. Or dear Mary giving us the GBBO look if we inadvertently post one of her fabulous recipes.
      • We reserve the right to delete any recipe that is not in keeping with the above guidelines.


  • All competitions are free to enter. Each one will display their respective T&C. Winner/s are picked at random by a plugin called Pick giveaway, unless otherwise stated. Delivery is often restricted to the UK only, unless otherwise stated. This is at the discretion of the company offering the prize.
  • The winner’s email address is passed on to the relevant company offering the prize, to arrange deliver.

Content and copyright

The content and images on this website cannot be used without permission. Please do not do it. Get in touch and ask first.

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If you have any questions you can always get in touch at info@clandestinecakeclub.co.uk