Over the years I have received numerous emails, cards and even flowers, from members and organisers telling me how much they love being part of the Clandestine Cake Club.

They are heart-warming words which often bring tears to my eyes. Members tell me about the friends they have made and the new experiences they have had since joining a group which has enabled them to continue with their love of baking. Sharing their beautiful home-made cakes, their soggy bottom and sunken middle stories with like-minded people who will never judge their baking skills. They learn and have fun.

Claire Howarth Co-Organiser of CCC Manchester South

I first came across the Clandestine Cake Club at a baking show and, being a keen lover of all things cake related, went on their website for a nosy. I was a bit anxious about attending my first event as I went on my own but I need not have been, as everyone was so friendly and all the cakes meant that we were never short of conversation.

Fast forward and I am now a joint organiser of the Manchester South club and attending an event is like going out with friends. The events are so sociable and a great opportunity to bake and experiment with new recipes.

Kay Wells Organiser of CCC Huddersfield

I love cake club as a club member and now as an organiser. I love to see everyone’s happy smiling faces and the topics of conversation we have at events. I manage to sit with all my little group and have individual natters with each of them. I don’t know what I’d do without cake club, it has done wonders for my mum too, as she now is a member of 4 groups, she is determined she is not missing out.

Emma Burton member of CCC Buckinghamshire

I have been a member of the Bucks CCC since its creation and always try to make every meeting. Why ? Well, where else can you meet up with people who have become friends in a lovely setting whether it be a tea shop or a picnic spot, try everyone’s wonderful creations and go home with a box full of treats for your family?

There is no competition. We laugh at each other’s disasters and I always leave feeling like I have learned something albeit with a slightly wider girth than I arrived with.

Duanne Watson CCC Leeds Central

I had first met Lynn while applying for a baking competition for a television program. My mother in law then pointed out an amazing baking group that she saw on The One Show. I joined up and was hooked. I eventually became an organiser and it was a saving grace from a very hectic job. I met some amazing people who have become lifelong friends. Clandestine Cake Club is a real safe space where you are allowed to be a generous and adventurous baker and are not judged. What true baking is all about.

Emma Boon CCC Vienna

When I first arrived in Vienna, I wanted to find some groups to join so that I could make friends but there was not a lot of choice particularly as I could only speak English in a German speaking country. My friend, Zarina, had just started the Ashford, Kent branch and I missed their first meeting as I had just emigrated. After a couple of years in Vienna, I decided to try to overcome my shyness and start a branch in Vienna. I am so glad I did! I feel as if it was the turning point of my time here as I have made so many lovely friends.

It is the friendships that I love about running my club. Of course there’s also the cake but it’s the relationships that make it special. I love running my club because I love bringing people together, particularly new people to Vienna and shy people. Working on including people in the club is really satisfying and can make a big impact on people’s lives. That sounds quite dramatic but I do believe it’s true.
I have been running the Vienna branch for just over two years now and I envisage running it for many years to come as I get a lot out of it! Plus, my husband wants me to keep the cake coming home to him.

Helen Cox CCC Auckland New Zealand

I came across the Clandestine Cake Club at our library where I had found the first CCC Cookbook. My interest piqued and I decided not only to check the book out of the library but to google the club when I got home. It all happened fairly quickly from there! There were no clubs in Auckland and after a couple of emails to Lynn we were underway. Best decision ever! I love cake, I love community and I love connecting with others – organizing CCC Auckland helps me to indulge in all my loves. We have a great group of women ranging from early twenties to early eighties and a lot in-between! We generally meet 6-8 weekly and share much more than just our cakes.

If you’re thinking about organizing a CCC I really recommend having a go. It truly is a privilege to bring a group together through a mutual love of cake! Our chapter of the CCC may be situated at the bottom of the globe but through Lynn’s fabulous club we are really part of a global community that feels more like a family.

Shirley Quarmby CCC Saltaire

As I write, I’ve been running the Saltaire club for 5 years and I am very grateful for all that it is has given me – new friends, a creative outlet for my baking and a social community of like-minded people.
I did take on the group with some fear and trepidation as I also run a pop up tea room in my house as Lynn used to do.
However, I have not found the organisation at all onerous and the benefits completely outweigh any negatives!
In Saltaire we started out with a large number of people attending our events but are a much smaller group now.  However the friendship and enjoyment that cake and a cuppa brings at our events is still a mystical combination working its magic.

Gill Hepburn CCC New Forest

I found out about the Clandestine Cake Club in Feb 2012, and by May 2012′ had set up the New Forest Group with friends attending the first one at home!

We have just enjoyed our 46th gathering (Aug 17). In 2016 Caroline joined me and together we take it in turns to organise the gatherings, once a month.

We consult our members from one month to the next as to what themes they’d like and we organise the venues, from pubs (with a small function room), to cafes to tearooms, arts venues, theatres, etc.  For our birthday events, these have tended to be only gatherings which have become paid events, i.e. Gin distillery,  chocolate making workshop, vineyard, etc. And sometimes we’re able to work the theme in with the venue choice.

We organise our gatherings on either a Tues or a Wed nights as these seem to be the most popular times for our members.

CCC for me has introduced me to some wonderful people, all with cake in common. It has also encouraged me to make cakes or find recipes that I would not normally have tried or made.  I very much enjoy organising events and then social networking too.

As part of ‘the working for our cake at New Forest’, I ask our members (and guests) to introduce themselves and say their name and what inspired them to make that cake.

When advising the members of the venue, personally I’m pretty strict on this, as I don’t let them know the venue until they have committed to their cake choice.

Support from Lynn is great too. If you have a query and can’t find the answer on the Manual details, Lynn is more than happy to talk to you. Or even add a request in the Organisers forum.


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