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My Tired old Kitchen – Phase 2

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I’ve no idea how many Phases there’ll be until my Tired Old Kitchen turns into an Energised New Kitchen. But this phase concerns a meeting with the designers to discuss a few incidentals, such as what the cabinets will look like, where the electrics will go, will all the old tiles remain in place when the old cupboards come out – the answer to that question was no.

The most expensive item in the new kitchen is the work surfaces. Polished Premium Quarts. My first thought was, at last, I can make pastry in the summer on this cold surface.

The cabinets drawers and doors will have integrated handles with a soft closing.

Appliances, now this is where I find myself very lucky in deed.  I’ll be getting a new AEG Multifunction Steam Bake oven. All the white goods such as Fridge Freezer and Washing machine are only a few years old, no need to replace them, and the 3 year old oven will go to my daughter who has just moved into her first house. I’ll be replacing my double oven with a new Steam Bake Oven hob and Extractor Fan from AEG.

Because I needed more storage space and work surface area, we are adding a little breakfast bar cum, baking, mixing, sitting at with a coffee and a good book area while looking out onto the garden. We have a huge, west facing window, that looks out into the garden, which has what I can only describe as a Vintage, overgrown look about it.


View from the Kitchen Window
View from the Kitchen Window. The door at the back, which is actually a solid door, leads into the Living Room at the front of the house.
View from the dining area.
View from the dining area. The door to the right, leads to a small porch to the back door and the downstairs toilet. When this house was first built, around 1927, the toilet access was outside the house, there was none inside. The whole house was modernised around in the 70’s to accommodate two toilets.


My Tired Old Kitchen
View from the Living Room Door.


So here’s the design. What do you think? Vastly different, when you compare it to what it currently looks like. See Phase 1

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