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My tired old kitchen Phase 3

These days, aged 65 I can quite easily get excited about most things. The arrival of my first copies of the Clandestine Cake Club cook books, the lovely emails I receive from people. Even a slice of delicious cake are just some of the things I get excited about. I could go on, but I’d be here all day listing them. I tend to make the most of everything that comes my way, as long as it makes me and my family happy. Life’s too short not to. The fact that we are having a new kitchen refitted, in a few weeks, means the excitement is building, so are the stress levels. But there are ways to reduce them. The stress that is, not the excitement, that has to remain constant.

An important way to keep the stress levels down is to communicate regularly with the people who are fitting your kitchen. Discuss all the possible problems they may encounter when they come to rip out the old cupboards and tiles off the wall. Likewise, they will advise what is best for you too. Accept the fact that you may have missed something, but be prepared for all eventualities. Build a good relationship with the people you are entrusting and inviting into your home, then decide and plan to leave them to get on with things while you arrange some fun days out. Afternoon Tea at Bettys in Harrogate is top of our list for some of those fun days. Come to think of it, they have 5 tea rooms, perhaps it’s time to revisit them all.

Nest Kitchens of Harrogate are the people we have chosen. The Gent ( OH ) had been looking long before last Christmas. He found them on Pinterest and looking at their prices for small kitchens we gave them a call.

We live in a very old house, built around 1927 and wisely our electrician came to familiarise himself with what work needs to be done. Shockingly, but not surprisingly, we are not quite up to code, so a new Electric junction box will be built making us that little bit safer. An additional expense, but necessary. This is why you also need to have a contingency budget. I have to admit, our total budget, came and went along ago. I have yet to tell the kids, that we are spending their inheritance.

I am now at the super excited stage. The appliances are starting to arrive from AEG. First the Hob HK654400FB and Hood X66453BV10, which we’ve bought discounted from AEG. The hob is induction, something I have never used, but looking forward to cooking with. I have yet to check whether my existing ancient pans will work with induction, but a few enquiries tell me that I’ll have lots of suitable pots and pans to choose from, should I need to buy new ones. I could be spoilt for choice.

Steambake Oven

The boxes keep arriving and here I am admiring my gift from AEG,  their latest Multi Function Steambake oven which arrived this week. I almost squealed with delight, when I opened the oven door to see that it also has a built in grill.  My current double oven, not an AEG, had a separate grill in the small oven, which I only occasionally used, I was worried I would miss it.  My worries were over. This oven seems to have everything I need. I’ll be giving it a thorough testing the second it’s fitted.

The Boxes

Everything will have to remain in the protective packaging until the refit. All the boxes will make great ground cover on my allotment.

A few weeks ago we had a catch up meeting with Nest Kitchens A deposit is paid and the date is set for 9th May and will take a couple of weeks. The waiting begins.


  • The Steambake oven is a gift from AEG, in exchange for a review, which I will do over the coming weeks after the kitchen is fitted.
  • The Hood and Induction Hob were purchased by me with a discount from AEG.
  • All words are my own.


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  1. Lídia Silvestre

    Oh Lynn, this seems sooooo great. When I had my kitchen remade I almost could not sleep in anticipation. Enjoy it! It is the best of feelings! 🙂 Looking forward to see it finished! Lídia.

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