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Top 10 Bundt® pans

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National Bundt® Day 15th November

Nordicware are a family owned business since 1946. An inspirational American story that’s worth reading 

I’m not quite a Bundt® addict, but I know many people who are. Those addicted to coveting the latest design, eagerly await the latest pan to go on sale. They scour the stores for the one pan that they don’t have and if lucky, manage to pick up a bargain or two at discount stores. Then, with pride, share their new purchases on social media for the rest of us to drool over. We love them all.

My first purchase was the Heritage bundt® pan, which I bought at Kitchens Cookshop a few years ago. Several I have managed to pick up at Discount stores, and some have been gifted to me from NordicwareUK

But what are the top ten favourites? In the run up to National Bundt® Day, NordicwareUK, tell me they have three fantastic design ranges. Core, Seasonal and Bundtlette. Let me share with you the images of the current top ten favourites.

Remember, unless it says Nordicware on either the pan or the packaging, it isn’t a Bundt® pan.

Which are your favourites and how many do you have? Don’t be shy, you’re among friends, admit it, you’re a Bundt® addict.

Join in the fun of #NationalBundtDay Tuesday 15th November 2016 on social media.

Crown Bundt®

Vintage Star Bundt®

Jubilee Bundt®


Heritage Bundt®                                               Kugelhopf Bundt®

Core Bundt® Range.

· Crown Bundt® Pan
· Vintage Star Bundt® Pan
· Jubilee Bundt® Pan
· Heritage Bundt® Pan
· Kugelhopf Bundt® Pan
· Elegant Party Bundt® Pan
· Anniversary Bundt® Pan
· Chiffon Bundt® Pan
· Elegant Heart Bundt® Pan  – A seasonal favourite in February
· Blossom Bundt® Pan

Pine Forest Bundt®                                          Gingerbread House Bundt®

Snowflake Bundt®

Seasonal Christmas Bundt® Range

· Pine Forest Bundt® Pan
· Gingerbread House Bundt® Pan
· Snowflake Cake Pan
· Holiday Wreath Bundt® Pan

Quartet Bundt®

Bundlette Bundt® Pans

· Quartet Bundt® Pan
· Geo Bundlette Pan
· Heritage Bundtlette Pan
· Anniversary Bundlette Pan
· Teacakes and Candies Pan
· Ruffled Medallion Pan


*Lakeland – Heritage Bundt® Pan

Steamer Trading Cook Shop. 

Harts of Stur


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