The ups and downs of starting a home baking business

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Guest post by Sue Burton

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You will find that starting a home baking business, just like any other business is full of advantages and disadvantages. A baking business is fun and fulfilling but it is up to you to decide if it is the right avenue to take. But if you do decide to take that leap then remember to enjoy it and have fun!


  1. Low start up costs – you can use your own kitchen and you will probably have most of the initial equipment required (don’t forget to register with your local environmental health !)
  2. No commuting or travel costs.
  3. Hour flexibility – you can decide your hours & work around your family.
  4. Use your own creativity & turn your hobby into a business.
  5. Make money doing something you love.

I have to list 5 disadvantages BUT to be honest they aren’t really negatives as they are to be expected if you are becoming self employed.

Disadvantages (there aren’t any really it fab being your own boss)

  1. Being organised – you need to be organised within your home as well as record keeping.
  2. Use of home – you may need to reduce your own storage areas for business only use. This may mean re organising or simply purchasing a new freestanding cupboard.
  3. Working alone – if you thrive on working with others it could be lonely for you but to be honest the day zips by and you can get on without any distractions.
  4. This leads me onto time management – you need to structure your day and not be distracted by too many breaks, such as TV or catching up on housework. My favourite is just reading one chapter of my book – which often leads to 2 or 3 !!!
  5. Finding customers and fulfilling large orders by a certain date.

 If you are ready to start your own business your first step is to register with your local Environmental Health department at least 28 days before you plan to start baking from home.  Registration is FREE.

If you are worried about your set up you may be able to request a visit prior to starting. But in my opinion your kitchen will be of a good standard as you will be using it for your own family and you may just need a few tweaks after your inspection.   For more information on how to set up a homebaking business please download my free

5 Simple Steps to setting up a Homebaked business.



  1. Hi Jen – I hope you received my response and you have now found some further information. Sue

  2. Hi Sue, do you have any advice on packaging biscuits, meringues etc for resale? I cant find information on shelf life anywhere but am keen to include them in my range? hope you can help?

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