Do you have ‘Working Mum Guilt’ ?

Sue Burton

Guest post by Sue Barton

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guilt noun

  1. the fact of having committed a specified or implied offence or crime.
  2. the feeling of having committed wrong or failed in an obligation.

As a mother we probably feel both the above definitions are relevant !


Whether you’re already a working mum or considering going back to work you probably feel that both definitions are relevant !

The great news is that recent research shows that children especially daughters of working mothers go on to have more successful careers and more equal relationships. How liberating this is know that we’re not ruining our children’s lives by daring to pay the bills!

Personally I think as soon as you become a parent the guilt kicks in but the bottom line is we all love our children and want to do our best for them.

3 things to think about

  • You may have felt envious of stay at home mums. But have you considered that they may be envious of you?
  • Part-timers are envied for having one foot in the playground and one in the office, but are they secretly worrying about failing to keep up with either of them?
  • Working mums can feel guilty that they’re not spending enough time with their family or that they are working less hours than their colleagues. Or both!

Put simply whether you are a stay at home mum, a working mum or a part timer – there’s no right or wrong – you just really have to do what is best for you & your family’s needs.

Like my mother (who was a dinner lady at my junior school) I am a working mum, and I feel I have best of both worlds as my working hours are flexible. I have created a business which I love because I am still able to spend time with my daughter. I have banished working mum guilt forever!

Want to work, need to work, want to contribute

If being employed is just not working for you, now that you are a mum, think about starting a business – Mumpreneurs is a fast growing sector in the UK – where mums have decided to take control of their working lives rather paying most of their income for child care. I know the leap from full time work as a working mum (or full-time parenting) to starting a business can be daunting however I have developed the Homebaked Gift Company ‘business in a box’ based on my years of running my own baking business from home. Yes, I have made a few mistakes in the past but have now developed the most efficient and fast way to set up a home-baked gift business. So if you love baking but the thought of starting your own business is scaring you, relax, there is an easy way. If you love baking and would like to earn an income from home with our low-cost business opportunity, get in touch for our information pack.


My tips for banishing working mum guilt

  • Accept your decision – you know what’s best for your family.
  • What a great example you’re showing your children – a family and a career.
  • Guilt achieves absolutely nothing – so stop it!
  • Learn to delegate – women are great multitaskers but you don’t have to do it all!
  • Schedule in a little YOU time – it’s not all about work & the kids!
  • So you haven’t dusted in three weeks! Congratulate yourself for the successes rather than your ‘failures’.
  • Feel great that you are not wasting the hard work you put into your education!
  • If your work isn’t right for you now you are a mum think about a business doing something you love.
  • Pat yourself on the back for contributing to the families income.
  • A happy parent runs a happy home.

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