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A Year of Cake Meeting – CCC Portugal

CCC Portugal – A Year of Cake – 24th of October 2015

Porto did it again!

Last Saturday we held our “A Year of Cake” event, in Porto, north of Portugal. This time, our secret location was superb: a beautiful shop and atelier in downtown Porto, where we were very well received! We really recommend “At Valentes” as a special venue and a great way to meet friends!

We had 8 confirmed attendees and we ended the night with 12 really fun guests! We prepared the venue the night before and put a special effort on having a comfortable and pleasant table for our guests. The party kit that we received from Quercus Books was excellent to mark the theme!

The cakes were awesome! We were fortuned to have a generous bite of 4 exquisite cakes:

  1. Caramel cake
  2. Carrot and caramel cake
  3. Vanilla sponge cake with condensed milk truffle and chocolate ganache
  4. Nuts, almonds and cream cake

The conversation was sweet, cakey and really funny through the night. Everyone was checking the new book “A year of cake” and really curious about it, and this was also a great conversation topic.

We had a blast! Everyone was cheerful and it was a night to remember, with tricks and recipes being exchanged in such a friendly way… that we cannot wait to do it all again!

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